Juicy Dragon specializes in growing, harvesting, packing and distributing the finest Longan, Lychee and Pitaya fruits from Florida. We work with farmers and grove owners to produce high quality fruit and supply them directly to the retail market in cities with high demand from Asian consumers.

Juicy Dragon fully manages the supply chain from the farm to the retailer. We carefully match and time fruit supply with market demands to achieve the best sales price.

Our Services:
  • Brokering & Distribution: Juicy Dragon brings your produce directly to retailers. We are able to offer farmers and grove owners the best prices with prompt payment by selling directly to retailers.

  • Harvesting & Packing: Fruit quality and presentation is very important to the consumer. Juicy Dragon’s harvesting services include consultation on when is the best time to pick your fruit allowing for time to market. Our expert packing services ensures your fruit will be packed optimally to attain the best presentation at the point of sale.

  • Farm Management: Juicy Dragon’s team is experienced at growing top quality Longan, Lychee and Pitaya. Our farm management services include fertilizer and pesticide application, irrigation maintenance, pruning, harvesting, packing and selling.

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